Multiplier-Effect of Workshop Content

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Multiplier-effect of Workshop Content

A consecutive series of workshops have been organized by partner universities. The main objective of this consecutive series of workshop  is  to provide the platform not only to discuss the finding and output but also to disseminate and share the new impact of media on the society. The outputs obtained from the  1st workshop will be utilized as important inputs/key elements/objectives to design/organize 2nd workshop and so on. Eventually, the final workshop will generate huge outputs/impacts in terms of using MEDLIT to cause social change, reflecting the concept of multiplier-effect of the MEDLIT workshop series.

The first introductory workshop  was  held in Heerleen, The Netherlands which was considered    an excellent introduction  of media literacy, media system and media competency.  The workshop was conducted to illustrate how media has change the world history and the development  of human intellectuality.  This is the basis for further multiplication of media awareness  since the workshop provided  the background on the way forward for the project. Later a series of workshop were organized which gradually became a multiplying effect on the knowledge on media.

Throughout the workshop, it can observed the learning, awareness and sharing  process on media  took place resulting in an increasing level of knowledge and experiences among the participating members in the partner universities. For example, the workshop in Universiti Malaysia Kelantan has resulted in an extensive learning on MOOC development by 50 individuals  which will then be carried out in their respective countries. In the respective countries, we expected another set of people will be exposed to the MOOC development, which will multiply to many more not in the partner university and the community around it.

We realized that media is something universal and touches  the interest of every member of the society. The multiplying effect of the project is extremely obvious because it affected in many socio-economic areas in the community.


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