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Associate Professor Dr. Dzulkifli bin Mukhtar

Assoc. Prof. Dr. Dzulkifli Mukhtar is the Director of the Global Entrepreneurship, Research, Innovation, and Commercialization (GERIC) Centre. He holds a Bachelor of Accounting, a Bachelor of Innovation and Entrepreneurship, and a Doctor of Philosophy in Innovation Management, and is a member of the Malaysian Institute of Management. Before entering the academic field, he worked for five years in the audit and finance industry, as well as in the investment and public service disciplines. He has over 20 years of professional experience in industry and higher education as an auditor, tax agent, investment officer, administrative and diplomatic officer (PTD), and university lecturer.









dr naeem

Dr. Naeem Hayat

Naeem Hayat completed his PhD Entrepreneurship in 2021 from University Malaysia Kelantan, Malaysia. He also completed his MBA in 2000 from Islamia University, Pakistan, and MSc HRM from Napier University, UK in 2006. Before joining academia, he worked in the consumer banking industry of Pakistan. He previously worked with the GIFT University, Pakistan, as an Assistant Professor of HRM (2011-2018). He is a graduate member of CIPD, UK. His researches interest includes organizational studies, business administration, entrepreneurship, adoption behavior, and human resources management. His work has been published in Technology in society; Sustainability; International Journal of Sustainable Agriculture and Informatics; Vine International Journal of Information and Knowledge management systems, International Journal of Advanced Science and Technology; and International Journal of Healthcare Management. He published 50 plus research articles and book chapters as well. He is also working in editorial broads in many International Journals. He is passionate about teaching and learning. He is conducting training in research writing, data analysis and case writing; teaching.








Associate Prof Dr. Hasif Rafidee bin Hasbollah

Associate Professor Dr. Hasif Rafidee bin Hasbollah is an Associate Fellow at GERIC. Previously he was appointed as Deputy Dean (Research and Student Development) at the Faculty of Hospitality, Tourism and Wellness, UMK. He obtained his PhD from University of Salford, Manchester, United Kingdom in Facilities Management. He has been lecturing for over 10 years. His main research area are in Nursing Home, Spa and Wellness Facilities focusing on humanity hospitality. He aims to improve the Humanity Hospitality of Health and Wellness Facilities in Malaysia by uplifting the knowledge and application through quality teaching and curriculum enhancement via industrial involvement, better student experience and participation in and out of class and in his research.







Dr. Nurnaddia binti Nordin

Dr. Nurnaddia Nordin serves as a senior lecturer specializing in economics within the Faculty of Entrepreneurship and Business at Universiti Malaysia Kelantan. With an extensive educational background spanning 14 years, she has effectively overseen the academic progress of over 40 undergraduate students, 3 master's students, and 5 doctoral candidates. Actively participating in numerous esteemed professional organizations, including the Malaysian Economic Association, the Consumer & Family Economy Association of Malaysia, the Malaysian Information Systems Association (MyAis), and the South East Asian International Trade Academia Association (SITAA), she has established herself as an engaged and committed academic.

Dr. Nurnaddia Nordin's contributions extend to research, where she has been an integral part of 19 local and international research grants across diverse disciplines. Her research endeavors have culminated in the successful publication of 52 papers in reputable journals, both nationally and internationally, spanning the realms of economics, finance, management, and entrepreneurship. This remarkable body of work has garnered significant recognition, earning her 15 gold medals and 8 special awards in various local and international innovation competitions, further underscoring her substantial impact in academia and beyond.






Ts. Dr. Siti Nuurul Huda binti Mohammad Azmin

Ts. Dr. Siti Nuurul Huda is a senior lecturer at the Product Development Technology Programme, Faculty of Agro-Based Industry and also an associate fellow at Global Entrepreneurship Research and Innovation Centre (GERIC), Universiti Malaysia Kelantan (UMK). She received her bachelor’s and Master’s degree in Chemical Engineering from Universiti Malaysia Pahang (UMP) and PhD in Chemical Engineering from University Teknologi Malaysia (UTM). Her main research areas are process system engineering which deals with chemical product design using computer-aided tools and model-based approach, property modelling, property estimation, optimization, herbal/plant extraction and emulsion. Her current research project is designing chemical and cosmetic products (lip balm, ointment, peel-off mask, lotion, emulsions etc.) and packaging (bioplastic). She has actively published articles in prestigious journals and books; and gained funding from industries and government to support her research. Besides, she is a member of ‘Young Scientists Network-Academy of Sciences Malaysia (YSN-ASM)’, ‘Board of Engineers Malaysia, BEM’, ‘Malaysia Board of Technologists, MBOT’ as a graduate and professional Technologist; and a professional member of ‘Universal Society of Food and Nutrition’.





Assoc. Prof. Ts. Dr. Nik Zulkarnaen Khidzir

Assoc. Prof. Ts. Dr. Nik Zulkarnaen Khidzir, Certified MBOT Professional Technologist; Associate Professor Faculty of Creative Technology and Heritage. His research interests are Advanced Method for Educational Technology, Multimedia & Visual Communication Interaction in Islamic Perspectives, Software Engineering, Cybersecurity Risks, Information Security Risk Management, Entrepreneurial Leadership, Business and Education Computing/e-commerce & Creative Computing related project. As a founder of Cre8tivation Lab UMK, Universiti Malaysia Kelantan, he led several high impact entrepreneurship innovation projects, and consultancy focuses on creative innovation and digital technology. He also a Task-Force lead for postgraduate academic program, Master of Innovation and Design offered by Universiti Malaysia Kelantan.

He has more than 20 years of experience in ICT integration entrepreneurship projects for government agencies, private companies and the higher education industry. His niche area of research work focuses on creative innovation and digital technology. He received various recognition and awards in research & innovation competitions at national and international levels. He has registered and granted 10 IP for various innovation and invention from technology research to innovative entrepreneurship education model, written more than 70 other publications such as journal articles, case studies, conference proceedings, and creative writing in the areas of applied digital technology, creative computing, entrepreneurship education innovation, and cybersecurity.

He also a member of MBA Advisory Board (UniKL), DBA Advisory Board (MIU), Master Trainer Computational Thinking (MDEC), Professional Software Tester (MSTB), TTAC Auditor and Panel of Assessment for Professional Technologist (MBOT). He was also recognized as one of the top 2018 Outstanding Entrepreneurship Mentor Awards by the Ministry of Higher Education Malaysia. He also a member of Technology Advisory Board for Bayarcash, digital financial merchant payment gateway online solution owned by Web Impian Sdn Bhd.

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