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BEEHIVE@UMK was founded by Prof. Dr. Nik Maheran Nik Muhammad (Director of GERIC) since 2013 as one of the highest impact projects in GERIC,behive UMK. This idea was originated from WOW LABS, Paris, France with the aims to enhance youths to be more technologically savvy, creative, innovative, knowledgeable and skillful. We hope that this could be cultivated and nurtured through the formation of Entrepreneurship, Entrepreneurship Accelerator and Training Program for Youth.

From 2013 till date, BEEHIVE@UMK is fully supported by U.S. Embassy of Malaysia and U.S. Department of State and they have awarded numerous research grants (Entrepreneurship Enhancement Program in 2013, Social Entrepreneurship Sustainability in 2014 and Social Innovation Incubators & Accelerator Program in 2015) to us, with sum of funding up to 167,000 USD.

Throughout the years, BEEHIVE@UMK has organized and executed various creative and innovative program and researches, mainly to embark the entrepreneurial spirit among youths in Malaysia. We have conducted various Entrepreneurship Education Lecture Series (EELS) such as Generating Business Idea, Problem Solving Skills, Upreneur Next Door and Development Module & Entrepreneurship Incubator. This is a good platform for youths to familiarize and understand essential knowledge of entrepreneurship before they begin the entrepreneurial journey.

Team Building Training Camp

On top of that, we have organized Technopreneurship Workshop (BEEHIVE Prototyping Program), Business Start-up Program (Team Building Training Camp and BEEHIVE Design Challenge Competition) and Entrepreneurship Accelerator Program (Mini Busking Festival and Boot Camping). Through the program, we hope that youths could gain basic knowledge on preparing a realistic business plan, along with creative and innovative thinking skills. This would be the best platform and foundation to encourage them to start-up entrepreneurial business.

The next chapter of BEEHIVE@UMK is to focus on community based social entrepreneurship and business up-scaling. We have developed and penetrated the entrepreneurship concept into local and international communities through Smart Social Entrepreneurship at Pitas, Sabah and Intellectual Synergy Exploration & Collaboration with ASEAN Communities at University of Bangkok, Thailand. In terms of business up-scaling, we have conducted several workshops such as Business Empowerment: Crafting Your Vision and Training of Trainer to build confident and leadership among youths so that they are full y ready for the business up-scaling and 4

Since its establishment, BEEHIVE@UMK has contributed several positive impacts to youths and UMK.  Through the BEEHIVE, we have developed Entrepreneurship Coaches, which was a one-month program conducted by WOW Labs and Babson College, mainly to train and produce new coaches so that they could continuously cultivate the entrepreneurial knowledge, culture and spirit to youths in future. Indirectly, this would also expand and widen BEEHIVE@UMK network and linkage locally, internationally and in world wide.

Secondly, two of UMK’s students, Miss Maysarah Mohd Drus and Mr. Muhammad Amiruddin Wahab were successfully awarded with Babson’s Scholarship and received Master in Entrepreneurship Certification from Babson College, United States. This is a huge impact from BEEHIVE@UMK as we are growing aggressively to be better than yesterday.

3cc2e66c-7d55-498e-9881-fa74a6c50494The third and on-going impact is known as ‘From Incubator to Accelerator’. Through this effort, we have set-up Entrepreneurial Kindergarten (Tadika Perintis Aulad) and BEEHIVE Co-operative as one of successful outputs in BEEHIVE@UMK. We set-up Tadika Perintis Aulad with one aim, to develop and cultivate entrepreneurship in youngsters as early as their childhood. In addition, we have also introduced BEEHIVE Co-operative mainly to assist, guild and support youngsters along their journey to become successful entrepreneurs.

BEEHIVE@UMK teams have successfully developed four Entrepreneurship Module on Social Innovation as one of the impacts. The modules provide thorough guidelines and step-to-step methods to achieve social innovative entrepreneurship. We hope that the modules could shed lights in producing more innovative entrepreneurs in future.


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