E-Learning Training @UMK and MOOC Development

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E-Learning Training @UMK and MOOC Development

The Workshop Idea

After completion of Delphi Study in previous MEDLIT Delphi Final Conference that was held in Hanoi, thmarlise following package was initiated by its Leader, Dr. Marlies Bitter-Rijpkema (OUNL). With the results and insights of the Delphi Study, important puzzle parts were uncovered. Hence, this will be the foundation for the MOOC (Massive Open Online Courses) on “Media Empowerment & Responsibility”; which will be the central aspect of the second year of the MEDLIT project.

To shape a shared understanding and knowledge of MOOC creation, two parallel workshops are planned; the first one is to train lecturers and the other for the training of technicians on collaborative MOOC development. To enhance collaboration and achieve collective synergies, both workshops conducted simultaneously from March 6th to 10th2017. The workshop is held at Universiti Malaysia Kelantan (UMK) City Campus in Kota Bharu, Malaysia.

Five lecturers and three technicians of every Asian partner university are expected to participate in the workshop. The objectives amin-embiof the workshop are to create knowledge transfer platform in relation to didactic principles, to have discussions about known challenges and ultimately to build a shared knowledge base on common university software systems and programming in the field of E-Learning. We also invited an external expert of MOOC, Professor Dato’ Dr. Mohamed Amin Embi from National University of Malaysia (UKM) to share his fruitful and informative insights and experiences on MOOC development.



Activities in UMK MEDLIT E-Learning Training




  • MOOC Success Factors
  • MOOC Contents Development & Delivery Strategies

Invited Speaker: Prof. Dato’ Dr. Mohamed Amin Embi, from National University of Malaysia (UKM)

0i1a21490i1a2181 The activities was prone to hands-on activities of MOOC development, led by Prof. Dato’ Dr. Mohamed Amin. He is using Open Learning website to guide and insight participants as well as shared his vast experience on MOOC development in National University of Malaysia (UKM). participants regarding success and experience Thus, there is no specific power point presentation slides (PPPs) from him.
  • Story Board Development
  • Training & Hands-on of Video Conventional & animation tools for teaching
  • MOOC Recording Preparation

By: UMK & OUNL Facilitators (led by Mr. Mhd Hafiz Karami Mhd Zain

0i1a22450i1a2249 The activities are fully conducted by UMK & OUNL facilitators, led by Mr. Mhd Hafiz Karami Mhd Zain. The activities mainly focused on hands-on to develop Story Board and prepare MOOC Recording. Thus, none of specific power point presentation slides (PPPs) were used in these activities.
  • Workshop Round-Up & Conclusions

By: Dr. Marlies Bitter-Rijpkema, Prof. Dr. Nik Maheran Nik Muhammad and Assoc. Prof. Dr. Suria Baba

img_0995IMG_0903 The workshop round-up and conclusion were made in ‘open table discussion’ mode. Therefore, none of specific power point presentation slides (PPPs) was used.

 Financial Sustainability of MOOC

For UMK, MOOC is a big agenda for the University. The University is going to embark on project for the preparation0i1a2081 of MOOC by about 70% of the courses offered before the year ends. Thus, MOOC is here to stay at UMK for a long period of time, including the MOOC related to media literacy. To ensure the sustainability , UMK has established the MOOC Production Centre supported by a strong production team with the cost of up to RM60,000.

Thus,  UMK has actually allocated budget to run the centre. This will obviously,   provide the financial sustainability for MOOC, which is part of our long term planning. . The MOOC centre serves as CGI room, which is an important facility to develop MOOC. Participant from each partner fully utilize the MOOC centre to build their respective MOOC. At the end of the workshop, they have successfully developed MOOC based on media literacy contents. The utilization and usage of UMK’s MOOC centre is NOT ONLY limited to the workshop and MEDLIT partners. We are also offering the MOOC centre to other higher learning institution in Malaysia and perhaps for the Southeast Asia as well, if they need it. Through this, it will help to further embark and strengthen MOOC development, locally, internationally and in worldwide. This will make the RM60,000 spent to build the MOOC centre is totally worth for long term !!!

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